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Cloud Computing and the CFO-What you need to know

From a business information storage point of view, the last 20 years have been all about companies building their own computer infrastructure. Along with this came associated problems with optimizing  systems for peak needs, operational redundancy and data backup. All of this came at quite a cost. And despite this investment, anyone who has worked in business has experienced the impact of an unexpected crash.  Cloud computing is set to change this for us all over the coming years.  Businesses can instantly obtain the advantage of the massive infrastructure “the cloud” makes easily available without having to plan, effect and administer it directly. This movement into the cloud also dovetails nicely with the green movement due to the massive efficiencies that are created.

Of course the change from one to the other is hardly simple.  And the risks and risk transfer issues that arise are not insignificant.  To address the former questions, financial executives need to take in this webcast Dec 14th.  To address the latter questions contact us.

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Making The Most of Cloud Computing: What Finance Executives Need To Know

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Tues Dec 14th 2010  2 PM EST
There is no denying that companies are making a huge push into cloud computing: one research firm says that the increase in corporate spending on cloud services in 2009 was three times that of conventional IT spending.

But moving to the cloud is not easy. There are a number of decisions to make up front, along with come careful analyses. Done right, an embrace of cloud computing options can both save money and provide more powerful IT to all employees. Done poorly, chaos can result.

This Webcast will identify the top concerns that CFOs should be directly involved in: an overall migration strategy, data security concerns, how to create the best vendor mix, how to wind down data center investments, and how to negotiate contracts. We’ll also take a look at important change-management issues and explore other issues related to data access.

In short, this Webcast is an invaluable primer for CFOs who sense great opportunity in the cloud but who want to make sure their organizations have the fullest possible context in which to make these critical IT decisions. For more information or to register for this free webcast see attached link.


If you have questions about the impact on your business, let us know.

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