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Feedback on Slow Money Alliance National Gathering

Wednesday, September 23rd, 2009

Just wanted to share some of the momentum that continues to build after the event.

A few terrific press hits from last week:

Some of the things we’ve heard from all of you:

“For an event focused on the ground, the Slow Money Conference was surprisingly uplifting. The room was filled with positive energy and the sense that something important was going on. Woody’s idea of tackling the funding of sustainable agriculture directly and creatively couldn’t be more timely. Slow Money could kick sustainable agriculture to the next level…which for the sake of the soil and earth can’t happen fast enough. I don’t see how venture capitalists can resist. I think people are going to look back on Santa Fe as a turning point for sustainable agriculture. I’m glad I was there to be a part of it.”
- Mardi Mellon, Union of Concerned Scientists, Washington, DC

“I’ve been involved with a lot of movements over the last 40 years and this one has a real chance to make a difference. I can’t tell you how excited I am to be part of it.”
- Michael Kanter, Cambridge Naturals, Cambridge, MA

“A refreshing attitude towards meeting real investment needs”
- Wayne Silby, Calvert Funds, Bethesda, MD

“Excellent event. Honored to be a part of this co-creative process of a new paradigm in supporting local food systems. I kept meeting amazing people to interact with around subjects that I hold dear.  From Soil that grows our Food, to Food that sustains our Lives, to Money that is our society’s currency connection for the interplay of these natural resources. I was grateful to be included in the inaugural event.  I think what struck me most was the diversity and quality of attendees that arrived intent on being part of the process to ‘co-create a new paradigm’ .. around local food systems and authenticity empowering money. The agenda was perfect for telling the story and setting the stage for the next evolutionary leap forward in our relationship with Food and Money.  I got tears in my eyes coming home and explaining it to people. I truly appreciate you ‘holding  the space” and facilitating  the process. It was so good meeting others around the country with similar mindsets. I’m ready to help in the Pacific Northwest.”
- Jim Baird, Baird Orchards, Royal City, WA

“I think I’ve been waiting for Slow Money my entire life. The message instantly resonated with me and I felt grateful that someone had put a voice to things I had been feeling for years. Woody Tasch is a hero for our times.”
– Kathleen Slattery-Moschkau, The Kathleen Show, Madison, WI

“After attending the Santa Fe event, there is no doubt in my mind that Slow Money will play a significant role in creating a more sustainable, conscious and compassionate world.  It is a privilege to participate in this necessary shift and I encourage all those who are interested in making a vital contribution to the world to support Slow Money in any way they can.”
– Janie Hoffman, Bonsall, CA

“I returned filled with hope, inspiration and beautiful connections from the Slow Money Alliance National Gathering. My most profound gratitude to Woody Tasch and all the participants for providing the opening to engage the most critical life affirming conversation that is Slow Money and to explore greater possibilities for our future. The abundance of consciousness, knowledge and intelligence present in Santa Fe was absolutely amazing, encouraging, inspiring and simply beautiful.”
- Cecile Desire, Khroma Yoga, Boulder, CO

“The gathering was life changing. Welcome to a revolution.”
- Paul Tryba, THE FARM, Long Beach, CA

“Thanks and congratulations. I thought what you pulled together was amazing and was so pleased to be there.”
- Joan Briggs, Betsy and Jesse Fink Foundation, Norwalk, CT

“The cultural shift made possible by the work of Slow Money is critical to the success of efforts to change the system to support small and midsized farms.”
- Dorothy Suput, The Carrot Project, Somerville, MA

“I came to the Slow Money Alliance Gathering in Santa Fe full of hope that finally we could develop a working model of sustainable investing on a local and national level that would start to redirect the billions of dollars of invested funds that erode communities all over the USA and that we could finally start to build and nurture the soils of local communities that would enrich us all into the future. I left knowing that first steps have been made to fulfill this dream.”
- Wesley Roe, Permaculture Credit Union, Santa Barbara, CA

“The recent Slow Money conference in Santa Fe was the inauguration of a national movement of unprecedented magnitude, sending exactly the right message at the right time – creation of a sustainable world through the relocalization of economies, food and energy.”
- Chip Comins, American Renewable Energy Day, Aspen, CO

“The Slow Money conference was great!  I met people there interested in helping me by doing the most simple and pro-active thing a consumer can do to help a CSA farmer; Buy a share in my farm!”
- Melinda Bateman, Morning Star Farm, Taos, NM

Slow Money is the only real hope that sustainable agriculture has today. The importance of what Slow Money is doing will hopefully help save this planet. I know that sounds a bit over the top, but if we can’t finance small farm enterprises across the globe our food system will collapse and bring down with it our entire environment. I hope to play a role in helping change this both on my own farm and by participating in Slow Money‘s efforts regionally and nationally.”

- Dante Hesse, Milk Thistle Farm,  Ghent, NY

Stay tuned for more updates.

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