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We also work in areas as diverse as trade credit, surety, political risk, and environmental risk transfer. And if you have employee benefit issues or need KEYMAN LIFE we would also be pleased to guide you in finding solutions.

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Have you heard about Friends of Slow Money?

Saturday, November 21st, 2009

Here’s more of what came out of the Santa Fe Slow Money event in September!

“The Friends of Slow Money fundraising event is over, but the Slow Money movement is just beginning! Here’s how you can help:

Become a member of the Slow Money Alliance and sign the Slow Money principles.

Friends of Slow Money chose the Slow Money Alliance because its founders and board have a proven track record of running successful, socially responsible businesses. If anyone is going to pave the way for a radical shift in our economy – from the ground up — it’s them.”

Read more about Friends of Slow Money – a grassroots movement to seed a new economy – at their link


Meridian is a highly dynamic specialized insurance consulting group and broker with offices in Boston, MA, Newport, RI and Brookfield, CT. We specialize in risk management and risk transfer for companies interested in sustainable practice. We also promote sustainable practices and are members of the Sustainable Business Network and Slow Money Alliance. Our Mission is simple.  We seek to help our clients make the best risk and risk transfer decisions possible.

We bring market-leading service to the most creative solutions in the risk management field to ensure that each Meridian client achieves their risk objectives.